Golf Course Map

Hole 1 - Easy Par

Par 4

373 Yards

A relatively short downhill starting hole with wide landing zone some 250 yards from the tee.

Conservative play to the left of the fairway will leave players a good view of the green. Beware though of the sandy trap at the landing zone on the right!

Hole 2 - Rock Face

Par 5

560 Yards

A 60 feet elevation drop from the tee-to-green gives long hitters a chance to get on in two. The adventurous golfer can try to carry the ravine which is some 260 yards from the tee. Those who want to play safe can aim to the left. The second shot plays downhill to a flat green protected by a steep hollow.

Hole 3 - Nicklaus Pond

Par 3

219 Yards

The longest of the Par 3's. For those who attempt to go for the pin, a carry of at least 180 yards. To play safe, aim to the left of the fairway.

Hole 4 - Sunrise Strip

Par 4

459 Yards

A wide fairway of about 45 yards encourages golfers to swing away from the tee. Approach the fairway carefully as a lake is on the right and sand trap on the left, not forgetting the bunkers surrounding the green.

Hole 5 - Sungai Long

Par 5

586 Yards

Flanked from tee-to-green by OB on the left and water hazard on the right, golfers must avoid both the water and the green-side sand bunkers. Accuracy is the name of the game here!

Hole 6 - Boomerang

Par 4

382 Yards

An uphill fairway with a sharp 90 degree right turn. A shortcut is possible but there is the danger of encountering the numerous sand traps. The two-tiered green is surrounded by bunkers.

Hole 7 - Sahara

Par 4

358 Yards

This short dogleg right features a 150 yard long bunker meandering down the right edge of the fairway. To score well here, it is a must to stay out of Sahara on the tee shot!

Hole 8 - Double Trap

Par 3

184 Yards

By virtue of an elevated tee, this medium length Par 3 plays shorter than its indicated yardage. The undulating double green shared with the Boomerang flanked by bunkers completes this picturesque hole.

Hole 9 - Waterfall

Par 4

449 Yards

Long, well-placed drives are imperative for reaching the green in two. The task is tough as a creek with multiple waterfalls bisects the fairway. The stream is some 165 yards from the landing area.

Hole 10 - Early Bird

Par 4

384 Yards

Accurate play is important on this downhill fairway. There is a bunker on the left and a 10 foot drop on the right. Drive as close to the fairway bunker for an easier approach to the green which is protected by two bunkers.

Hole 11 - Mongolian Desert

Par 4

435 Yards

A solid drive played close to the right fairway bunker will be rewarded with a clear shot to the green. Playing short means a long approach into the green which is protected by two menacing bunkers.

Hole 12 - Silk Road

Par 5

527 Yards

The left of the tee is lined by water and sand traps. Accuracy is again imperative on this tight fairway. Bunkers wrap greedily around the two-tiered green.

Hole 13 - Challenger

Par 4

420 Yards

Living up to its name, the fairway is narrowed by a lake that runs parallel from tee-to-green. Spray your shot here and you are in for a tough time.

Hole 14 - Short Three

Par 3

162 Yards

With two perilous bunkers in front and another behind the green, a birdie shot is still possible through accuracy and correct selection of club.

Hole 15 - Double Green

Par 5

550 Yards

With several formidable obstacles, the fairway-crossing creek must be crossed on the second shot. A prominent green-side bunker complicates approach shots to the green. And at the heart of the hole is a large green shared with Home Bound which allows for many intriguing pin placement and a test of everyone's putting skill.

Hole 16 - Beach Hole

Par 4

393 Yards

This downhill fairway requires golfers to hit over a stream some 160 yards from the tee. The entire left of the fairway is lined by a water hazard. The approach from the right is easier though longer.

Hole 17 - Golden Bear

Par 3

198 Yards

Our signature hole. Tricky from beginning to end, Jack Nicklaus too has lost a ball here! Play is some 155 yards across a vast lake to a green heavily guarded by sand traps.

Hole 18 - Home Bound

Par 4

380 Yards

An uphill fairway with a deep hollow and bunker on the left. Sand traps are all over, guarding the approach to a two-tiered, sloping home bound green.